New Cable Corporation among the 100 most growth hungry companies in Kasvu Open platform 2019

Kasvu Open is a Finnish institution with a mission of making Finland the best environment for growth companies in the global scale. It unites the companies seeking to grow with top professionals of the business fields. The goal is to spar the entrepreneurs and key personnel to strengthen the mindset and develop skills needed in the growth process.

New Cable Corporation took part in the Kasvu Open program in 2019. During the growth path, the NCC team encountered interesting challenges from the part of growth professionals and were able to concretely develop the strategy for growth. The commitment and enthusiasm paid off and NCC was selected to participate in Kasvu Open finals as one of the 100 most growth oriented companies. The place in the finals is a significant opportunity as the favourite company of the investors secures a growth funding of 1M€.

The Kasvu Open season 2019 will culminate in Kasvu OpenCarnival, that is arranged 23 – 24th October in Jyväskylä. The event is loaded of inspiring program and the winners will be selected there.

Kasvu Open growth path contains meetings and discussions with a variety of professionals to widen the horizons of the team.

Greetings from Oulu – Printocent Innofest

New Cable Corporation team at Innofest spirit!

6th Printocent Innofest was held in Oulu 6-7. June. Our team Flat and Flexible Gadget was there to have fun and compete for the most innovative, yet feasible solution with 20 other teams. We did not win, nor make it to finals. (but Innofest organizers were excited about our innovation)

We are too, since there is a real demand for a new, reusable standard solution for name and access badges used worldwide in conferences, shows, events, corporations, building sites etc. We will naturally not give you the technical specifics here and to be frank, there might actually be a need to think them through once or twice before going public with this innovation. Still – imagine this: No more trash from numerous single event use badges but one reusable badge with your own visitor profile. No more physical standing in line at the registration desk of events but smooth pre-registration to your own badge.

And if you happen to be an event organizer this will solve a time (and money) consuming problem for you. Imagine all the time that is consumed with making and distributing the badges, not to mention to supervise the access – you can save most of it with this innovation that combines reusable name badges to access control.
If you are interested in this, contact our innovators directly and we will tell you more.

Our CEO Tommi displaying the OLD way to wear conference badges.

InnoFest – see you in Oulu 6-7th June!

Innovative top hat guys on the roll!

The 6th annual InnoFest will be hosted by PrintoCent Community in Nallikari, Oulu in June 6-7. InnoFest is fun and innovative way launch of our summer season every year, but it also carries a special significance for our company.

New Cable Corporation was founded as a result of a innovative and exited InnoFest team. It was year 2015, the second year of InnoFest tradition to be, as the founders of New Cable Corporation, Tommi Rintala and Antti Backman came up with the idea of SFFC, Shielded Flat Flexible Cables. It may or may not have been a direct idea of the innovation competition but the atmosphere of novelty convinced our entrepreneurs about the potential of printed electronics. New Cable Corporation was founded as a direct result of this in early 2016.

During InnoFest 2018 New Cable Corporation was able to present its first customer deliveries and some positive funding news. A year has gone fast and the team has grown from 2 to 5 with Dr. Brigitte Lanz as CTO, Essi Silvonen as COO and Pierre DeBie as Account Manager. There are some implications for further positive news you will hear from us during the Innofest. See you at Nallikari June 6-7!

Take a look at our pitch at Innofest in 2018!

LOPEC 2019

Its that time of the year again, that printed electronics people are getting ready to arrive at Munich Germany for the LOPEC conference and trade fair.

We are participating the startup pitching and poster session. To get the latest updates of New Cable Corporation and have fun, please join us! LOPEC is arranged from the 19th to 21st of March. For more information see

PrintoSampo is coming

Hello there, did you know that Printo$ampo -event is approaching? Come and see how Printed Intelligence will change your company’s future.

Time & Location: 2018-04-26 … 2018-04-27, Oulu Finland.

We are also there, so let’s see there!