Kasvu Open is a Finnish institution with a mission of making Finland the best environment for growth companies in the global scale. It unites the companies seeking to grow with top professionals of the business fields. The goal is to spar the entrepreneurs and key personnel to strengthen the mindset and develop skills needed in the growth process.

New Cable Corporation took part in the Kasvu Open program in 2019. During the growth path, the NCC team encountered interesting challenges from the part of growth professionals and were able to concretely develop the strategy for growth. The commitment and enthusiasm paid off and NCC was selected to participate in Kasvu Open finals as one of the 100 most growth oriented companies. The place in the finals is a significant opportunity as the favourite company of the investors secures a growth funding of 1M€.

The Kasvu Open season 2019 will culminate in Kasvu OpenCarnival, that is arranged 23 – 24th October in Jyväskylä. The event is loaded of inspiring program and the winners will be selected there.

Kasvu Open growth path contains meetings and discussions with a variety of professionals to widen the horizons of the team.