Sustainability on all products and services is becoming the new normal. Businesses are increasingly waking up to realize the environmental impacts of their operations and encouraged to consider and design the life cycle of their products to meet the demands of circularity and sustainability.

New Cable Corporation has committed to bring sustainable choices in to the cable business. So far it has enabled a significant reduction in the materials usage in comparison to traditional, widely used round cables. Especially the reduction in plastics usage has been substantial, as stated in our article from October 15th, 2018: Superior Resource Efficiency with SFFC – Shielded Flat Flexible Cable.

We consider this a good start, but it is not enough. Our goal is to promote sustainable cables by finding durable cable materials that are either biodegradable or recyclable. This will, in the future, enable our customers to select truly sustainable solutions. We are currently joining a consortium that will research materials and processes for sustainable electronics and will bring our expertise in that with regards of cables.

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