Traditionally we have designed and used electrical devices based on non-flexible PCB’s. They have many advantages, one of the biggest is the easy manufacturing. Feels like any street corner has a small company, who can manufacture FR4 based PCB, pick’n place the components and deliver them to our customers.

We have changed our attitude

Nowadays, we as customers, are not willing to carry heavy external electronic devices. We want them to be integrated to our clothing and to our behavior.

At the same time, we wish our devices be more independent and more aware of surroundings. We don’t want our applications give our personal data to anybody, except for our friends in Internet.

And we should not forget our attitude for maintenance; we wish that the device does not need to be charged, configured or interacted in any way. It should just work out-of-the-box.

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What to think?

Customer needs are challenging, and most the requirements are such that nobody is willing to pay for those. Unless they suddenly become really important.

Starting with small steps, one could analyse that is the device better, and is the customer therefore willing to pay more for it, if:

  • Is it lighter? saving weight saves resources and is also ecological thing. Also transportation of device is cheaper.
  • Is it flexible?
  • Is it integrated into customer surroundings?
  • Is it protected from RF interference?

If the answer is YES, to any one of those questions, perhaps it would be the time to look for ways to make your application more flexible. Since those are the main benefits of SFFC cabling enables.